Currently, we work with 1,600 companies and manage 60,000 vehicles, with world-class partnerships that enable us to be operational throughout Europe. 

We are present at the table of the European Commission’s Tachograph Forum in Brussels, which brings together EU experts on trucking and tachographs, as well as being part of the most important industry associations and cultivating relationships with organizations, schools, and universities to build the transportation of the future. 

We are a training institution certified by the MIT (the Italian Ministry of Transport) to provide training courses with tens of thousands of people trained already. 



Our mission is to be our client’s innovative partner: we provide experience, professionalism, and flexibility to support their business growth.

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The cutting-edge fleet management platform, which stands out for its flexibility and the integration of tools, technologies and innovative services for modern and comprehensive management of goods and people transportation activities.


A completely original and innovative product, made entirely in Italy and designed to simplify and speed up inspection operations on professional drivers. It can be used by local governments, municipal police, and all control bodies operating in the trucking industry.


Legal and labor services for transport companies. Golegal provides complete consultancy and assistance to the customer with tailor-made solutions, simplifying the administrative management of employment relationships.