GOLIA (Professional Driver Organization Management System)

Developed and produced by Infogestweb, Golia is an integrated set of technological tools and services dedicated to companies of road transport to monitor and plan the tachograph activity and working hours of professional drivers.

Golia is unique because in addition to providing tools such as the integrated IT platform with on-board devices, it is the only solution on the market that can be used directly who created it ...! Golia, in fact, can be used directly by our expert consultants on the regulations concerning road transport and on the organization of work for drivers and on-board technologies for heavy vehicles. Professionals able to directly manage the fulfillments on behalf of the transport companies, guaranteeing the maximum result from the use of Golia.


SISCOP (Professional Driver Inspection System)

Born from the long experience of the authors of GOLIA . It is a completely original and innovative product completely made in Italy, designed to simplify and speed up control operations on professional drivers. It can be used by local administrations, municipal police and all control bodies operating in the road transport sector. SISCOP guarantees a quality service and simplifies the application of the rules that regulate the world of road transport with particular reference to the social legislation on driving times, rest and break for professional drivers .


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