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Our Activities
The activities we carry out for our customers are many and aim to satisfy the wide range of needs that can emerge in the management of a company. We want to get to know our customers' needs and study targeted and customized solutions for them.
These are the main activities we have been performing for over 30 years with excellent results:
  • Studying the Customer's Needs: identifying the needs and critical points that lend themselves to inspiring technological solutions;
  • Identify the Suitable Solution: identify the product. if already existing, suitable to satisfy the operational needs of the Customer. Otherwise carry out the study and the project to realize an ad hoc service;
  • To homogenize the Customer's Information World: integrate all the computer products used by the Customer together, homogenising them according to the company's activity and organization and in order to optimize and improve IT performances;
  • Creating the Optimal Environmental Conditions: creating the environmental conditions for the proper functioning of the adapted solutions, acting both on the places (plants, ergonomics, safety, privacy, etc.) and on the employees and users (training of personnel and of all the collaborators involved in the processes);
  • Provide Third Party Solutions: provide our service as system and architecture integrators and also as an interface with other manufacturers and suppliers for the use and implementation of third-party solutions;
  • Guaranteeing an Evolutionary Maintenance: assisting the Customer in terms of evolutionary maintenance, during the entire life of the solutions we propose, favoring precisely the evolution, modernization and adaptation to new needs and expectations;
  • Provide Outsourcing Services: offer outsourcing services to the Customer, ie make available to him the possibility of entrusting to us non-productive activities such as: maintenance and administration of IT services, printing activities, datawarehouse, etc.
  • Coordinate Marketing: marketing support through the design and creation of sites, B2b and B2c portals, online showcase, payment systems and online authentication, etc.


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