About us

A Team of Professionals born to give you Solutions and great Results

We have been operating successfully since 1981 in the development of information technology for business support.
We design and implement IT solutions to offer the numerous opportunities that come from new technologies to our customers, there are mostly small and medium-sized businesses or professionals.
Study, research and experience in the field have led us today to achieve skills and professionalism that can guarantee companies the high quality of services offered and the reliability of our products.
Our History

  • Following Ministerial Decree No. 215 of 12/12/2016 issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Infogestweb becomes an accredited body for the execution of training courses on the correct use and operation of the tachograph

  • We become an accredited body for research and development projects. Furthermore, in collaboration with the Law Firm Callipari, the European Trucking Study Center was created: it is a community dedicated to the road transport sector and all its national and international operators involved, with the aim of promoting training and information in this fundamental sector

  • The Efficient Driving division was born, dedicated to the support and training on the subject of eco-drives and the containment of fuel consumption. This is our team of professionals that works for the main European manufacturers and provides advice and training to trucking companies that want to monitor and optimize the costs for fuel consumption of their fleet. In the same year, the reality of NetPedia was acquired, allowing us to offer our clients a wider range of services: website design and development, development of customized mobile applications, useful software for the management of competitions, university tests , etc.

  • SISCOP was born, the IT platform for control body operators dedicated to verifying road transport, the only one in Italy and first capable of supporting road sanctions payments with the use of a simple telephone smartphone

  • The National Operative Center of Support for Trucking Companies is activated, which provides monitoring, assistance and information services on the issues of work organization for professional drivers and on the occasion of inspections carried out on the road and at the companies, together to legal advice and support on the same issues for claims management

  • GOLIA Academy is established and we provide training for the world of road transport.
    To check our training offer CLICK HERE

  • We have dedicated a substantial part of our production resources to the world of road transport, which has now become our most specialized sector. In fact, we have faced and solved the problems related to the monitoring and planning of driving, work and rest times for professional drivers, through the creation of GOLIA, the only platform in Europe (built in Italy) for the complete management of chronotachograph data

  • We have begun to take care of the activation, configuration and training of business telephony and VOIP solutions for Vodafone

  • We have started working for the Cooperative Credit Banks for which we have created the platform for the production, printing and mailing of paper documentation (account statements, notices, accounting ...)


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